Front Load Heat Pump Dryer 9kg – PureJet (2022)

Model No. HDFY90H

The Hisense PureJet Dryer features Power Airflow technology that creates a highly energy efficient drying system that has enough power to tackle the toughest drying jobs. With an intuitive, user-friendly design, selecting modes and functions is really easy. From Anti Crease to Allergy Care, everything is intended to make the drying process the most hygienic and hassle free process possible. Despite its powerful performance, the Hisense PureJet Dryer is designed to be gentler on clothes, which means garments never come out tangled and instances of shrinkage are significantly less.

For those all about the details…

Specifications vary from country to country (even though products may have the same model number). We strongly advise to always check the specifications before purchase.

  • Type
  • Colour Finish
  • Width x Depth x Height (mm)
  • Energy Star Rating
  • Front Load
  • White
  • 595 X 685 X 845
  • 9 Stars
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